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IGM Architectural Design Office
2-18-17, Yabutanaka, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL. 058-274-1448
FAX. 058-274-1446

1.Building design, control
2.House commercial facilities, apartment complex, Japanese-style building
3.First class authorized architect office
■Governor of Gifu registration 8351




I introduce the workflow of our drawing offices from an inquiry to delivery here.



In inquiry form of the contact page or telephone (O58-274-1448), FAX(O582-274-1446)
Please contact IGM Architectural Design Office.
In addition, please feel free to contact me as the building consultation is free.
But please note that you may have to have the actual expenses depending on contents of the consultation
(please see this in detail)


I meet you and actually ask about a request, an image of client.
About a dream and the hope for the house (building), family constitution of client, various things including the lifestyle
Let me talk in detail as possible.
Similarly, let commerce architecture, other buildings tell in the case of a request in detail as possible.


Based on the contents which I heard, I make a proposal.
I perform a site investigation and a legal check and make a ground plan, a model and give presentation.

4.Suggestion contents examination, application

I sign on a design if you can like suggestion contents.
In that case, the proposal making expense using a ground plan, the model is free.
Unfortunately I charge a proposal making expense (presentation charges) and do it when it does not lead to a contract.
Proposal making expense = layout, ground plan + elevation + model complete set = 150,000 yen
Layout, ground plan

5.Basic design

About a condition or the budget for client and request of the assent make arrangements until go,
I make a basic design.


6.Enforcement design

I make a more detailed drawing while hearing a request from client based on basic design.
I decide structure performance, insulation performance, air conditioning ventilation equipment, electricity, a lighting setup, sanitation, the guard facilities.            

7. Application duties

I consign it to an expert and perform site surveying, a geological survey and make various application documents such as confirmation applications old.
I submit them to the public institution and acquire a planning permission.

8.The choice of the construction supplier

Based on a design, I have several construction manufacturers estimate it.
As well as an estimate amount of money, I weigh technology, a way of thinking generally and choose a construction supplier deserving to be you most.
At this stage, client, please enter into a construction contract with a construction supplier.

9.Construction control

I confirm a building site regularly and check whether construction matches a design and the content of the construction contract contract.
I report the contents to client at any time.

10.The completion, delivery

When construction was finished, there is an observer for an examination of construction completion by the public government office.
The inspection (a drawing office is present) of examination for designer, client is carried out, too.
I deliver a finished building to client after this.

※When any questions have a question, please inform me of "a workflow" at the following.

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