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IGM Architectural Design Office
2-18-17, Yabutanaka, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL. 058-274-1448
FAX. 058-274-1446

1.Building design, control
2.House commercial facilities, apartment complex, Japanese-style building
3.First class authorized architect office
■Governor of Gifu registration 8351


N, Guesthouse

Toppage > N, Guesthouse

Building south side whole view
Gate built between the main gate and the main house of the palace-styled architecture in the Fujiwara period
Living room with the hearth
Corner with the eardrum
Living room with the fireplace
Entrance hall
Open veranda
Building of the thatching the roof with shingles roof
The front gate of the covering a roof with cypress bark
Tea-ceremony room
Guest room of the sum
The tea-ceremony room inside
The entrance

Photography / Kado Takao photograph office


While having both the parts of the traditional sum

It is the Japanese-style house of the large-boned, individual new style.


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