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IGM Architectural Design Office
2-18-17, Yabutanaka, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL. 058-274-1448
FAX. 058-274-1446

1.Building design, control
2.House commercial facilities, apartment complex, Japanese-style building
3.First class authorized architect office
■Governor of Gifu registration 8351



■Name IGM Architectural Design Office
■The location 〒500-8387 2-18-17, Yabutanaka, Gifu-shi, Gifu
■TEL 058-274-1448
■FAX 058-274-1446
■E-mail Please from this
■Duties contents
Building design, control
House, commercial facilities, apartment complex, welfare institution
■Registration Governor of first class architecture office Gifu registration 8351
■Representative IKUO GOTO
■Brief career history
It was born in Gifu-shi, Gifu for 1,957 years
1988 IGM Architectural Design Office establishment
■Receiving a prize career
Winning Gifu-shi beautiful cityscape creation prize "Takada galleria"
Winning Kakamigahara-shi cityscape prize "grape shop storehouse bu"
■Qualification First class authorized architect
■Participation group Gifu authorized architect society, JAPAN MINKA REVIVAL ASSOCIATION
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