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IGM Architectural Design Office
2-18-17, Yabutanaka, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL. 058-274-1448
FAX. 058-274-1446

1.Building design, control
2.House commercial facilities, apartment complex, Japanese-style building
3.First class authorized architect office
■Governor of Gifu registration 8351



With HP renewal, I cannot read blog before March 31, 2014.
I cause you trouble, but wait a minute now as I hurry and am going to improve and am.


A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year.

IGM Architectural Design Office and our HP, please this year.

Thank you this year for one year

Well, well, there is a few more it for 2,022 years.

I was taken care of this year for one year.
I would like IGM Architectural Design Office next year.

Construction to arrange of an O residence is in progress

Construction to arrange of an O residence is in progress

O residence how to build completion

How to build O residences construction was completed.

On a birthday a bouquet

As it was the birthday of our wife the other day
I gave it a bouquet.

I am accustomed to continue ever since I got married.

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