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IGM Architectural Design Office
2-18-17, Yabutanaka, Gifu-shi, Gifu
TEL. 058-274-1448
FAX. 058-274-1446

1.Building design, control
2.House commercial facilities, apartment complex, Japanese-style building
3.First class authorized architect office
■Governor of Gifu registration 8351



With HP renewal, I cannot read blog before March 31, 2014.
I cause you trouble, but wait a minute now as I hurry and am going to improve and am.


I was taken care of in 2023!

Well, well, in no time in 2023 of this year
It is an end soon.

What kind of year would your 2023 be?

I was the age that there were various kinds of in a private,
I want to make good age both officially and privately in 2024.

Be wonderful age for 2024, all of you!

Close GW

It is GW soon.

As our office stops according to the calendar, I would like it.

0 residences were completed

An O residence was completed!

"The house with the pool"

As far as it is enviable.

A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year.

IGM Architectural Design Office and our HP, please this year.

Thank you this year for one year

Well, well, there is a few more it for 2,022 years.

I was taken care of this year for one year.
I would like IGM Architectural Design Office next year.
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